Hat #32

Done! Its been a while since I knit this and I wasn’t sure I was going to like it but now that it’s done I like it a lot. Pattern Is Accordian Hat and it’s from one of my books.

I did use the slip stitch method for jogless stripes on this one too where the pattern switched from stockinette to garter stitch and back. Makes it a little neater in the back I think.

I gathered up a few partial skeins and then weighed them to see which ones had enough yarn for another small hat and I’ll work on those next. I think 2 or possibly 3 of these have enough yarn. I’ve got other leftover bits and I’m thinking I might make a scrappy doll blanket with them….eventually.

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  1. Love it because it reminds me of a friend from the 60s. Yes I am that old and had a friend who loved burnt orange and had a squishy had that this one reminds me of.

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