One last small quilting finish for the year. These tumblers were leftover from a quilt Mom made a number of years ago … now it’s a doll quilt with a soft Minkee backing. It’s crazy but I just hate seeing leftovers go to waste!

With my fabric stored mostly in large bins, I’ve been a little worried about being able to work in the weeks after my surgery. They’re telling me no bending, lifting, or twisting for 6 weeks … I never realized how much I lift and bend when I’m working until my back and leg pain started up this summer. So I find myself pulling things from the bins every time I go in the storage nook … and now I have a number of potential easy projects sitting out where I can just grab and sew.

Our January challenge is scraps so I’m getting ready for that too. We’ll see how far I get before surgery since I won’t be able to lay blocks out on the design wall without bending afterwards… at the very least I figure I can just make a bunch of blocks and since I use these 2 patterns kind of frequently, any extras can be used in the next quilt.

I even found a bin where I had some pieces already cut that I’d forgotten about.


  1. I’m sending the very best of good wishes for a successful surgery and easy recovery. Your blog is one of my favorites – love seeing your projects and interactions with your family. May you have a joyous new year in 2023.

  2. A great idea to get some projects ready to sew. Wishing you well in your upcoming surgery and best wishes to you and all the family for the *NEW YEAR 2023* 🙂

  3. It is a good idea for you to have a plan but follow the doctors’ orders. I know that it is not necessary to remind you of that with your background. I continue to keep you in my daily prayers.

  4. My husband does most of the vacuuming. He tells everyone that he has to be very careful. I save crumbs of fabric! Instead of doll quilts, I make pads ( long skinny quilts} to fit the stainless steel tables at the vet office. My sister, who used to work there, requested them a few years ago. They love them and I love using up orphan fabrics and blocks.
    Same husband has had 3 back surgeries with lots of restrictions ( including vacuuming!)
    He showed the surgeon a video of himself quilting at the longarm. He was allowed to resume quilting months ahead of permission to vacuum! -while being VERY mindful of no BLT – no bending, lifting, twisting, of course.
    You love to read and walk and knit and crochet, follow your teams, etc, which will help you stay busy. I will be thinking of you and wishing you well.

  5. Looks like you have a lot of prep ready for your healing time. Sending praers for fast recovery. Have a Happy New Year! When you have time maybe post a few of yiour wildlife vidieos if you can. I have really enjoyed them. I have lots of deer too buy no camera, I’ll have to look into that. Do you know what brand you have?

  6. Love some of the fabrics you have pulled, Mary. It’s always hard to predict how you will feel after surgery, but at least you have things planned that will help you with the restrictions you have and can still have a little sense of normal. Keeping you in prayer.

  7. You are amazing 🤩
    Prayers for your surgery. 🙏
    Remember…..knitting, crocheting, and quilting are THERAPEUTIC!! 👌😂 😉
    Seriously…….first hand experience here, 😎

  8. I just finished making 4 doll blankets from leftover flannel. Your quilt is adorable but more effort than I put into the little flannel blankets. I hope you are able to do some sewing after surgery, but if not then you always have your knitting and crocheting to keep you busy. What is the name of your surgery? My husband, who is still suffering, would like to know. Take care!!

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