Happy New Year

I had to laugh … this is my life (it’s a good one) … Keith gives me a kiss and says Happy New Year on his way to bed …it’s 9:37pm!

I’m going to go down and knit a while before I join him.


  1. I will be signing off very soon. My life works much better if I sleep when my body says it is time. Paul disrupted me last night because he is not well but not COVID-19 but slept from 9Ish intil 8ish. Our house is not insulated well enough for me to do anything while he is sleeping so I slept way late. Aaron. Life is good except when I let the little things take over.

  2. Sounds very familiar. I went to a Noon Year’s Eve party today – most of the guests have no desire to stay up until midnight to celebrate.

  3. Mary, my dear husband was off to bed at almost 10 pm. I will join soon, but it is mt time to meditate, and check out the news on the laptop. Happy New Year.

  4. I was just telling a friend that we would be in bed way before midnight. Last year in a campground the fireworks started at 7pm and went to past 1am and it was awful. Dogs barking constantly amid the fireworks only 10’ from us. Tonight it’s pizza and PBS Masterpiece ! And early bedtime .

  5. I saw this on fb…….
    “I still don’t know what I’m wearing to the living room on New Years’s Eve.
    I might not even go.”

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