1. Wow, I can’t even get one project done. Is the yarn you are using for the crocheted blanket a baby soft yarn? I am making a baby girl one now but will need to start a baby boy one right after I get finished. I love these self striping yarns!! Thank you for the information about your surgery. My husband is very frustrated at this point. He just had another cortisone injection in a new spot but that does not appear to be working. Not sure what the next step will be.

  2. That will be a lovely quilt, and I especially like the background you’re using. Lots of crocheting happening too. Good for you!

  3. I started a new quilt, but certainly didn’t get as far along as you. Started a blanket with your linen stitch crochet pattern. I had some troubles at first so it’s kind of wonky but I figured it out and realized good lighting is essential for me to crochet until I get to the 3rd row, then it’s not too bad. I ordered some red heart brand from Walmart with my groceries but I’m not in love with it. What yarn do you think is good for these blankets?

  4. Love all three projects! I especially like the colors of the hat.
    Praying for peace of mind as you get closer to the date for having your surgery.I can understand your thoughts about just getting it done so life can go on.

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