Hat #2

I’m getting more confident with my ability to adapt hat knitting patterns. For a long time I followed each pattern as written … now I feel confident enough to adapt them as I see fit and know that if it doesn’t work out … I don’t have that much time invested. Pattern is A Tisket-A Tasket found free on Ravelry. I like the texture of this one and will be making it again. That’s 2 new hats, and 2 new to me patterns so far this year. It’s nice to add some new ones into my “rotation”!


  1. That’s a great colour – and the pattern has lots of interest! Thanks for sharing the link!

  2. Love it! Your hats are now so varied that if you donate them the recipients can all have a sense of identity because they are allowed to be different from everyone else. You are spectacular.

  3. Love the texture in this one! Thanks for always sharing the patterns- I like that this one has little check off boxes so I know where I am.

  4. Thank you so much for including the pattern links for your lovely hats. I am not trying to keep your pace, but I do want to attempt all the patterns.

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