Planning ahead

We’re starting to plan our travel for the year and I’m getting excited. The first trip for me will be Maui the end of February. We’ve been to Hawaii a couple times but this will be our first time going to Maui!

Then we’re going to head to DC to celebrate our anniversary in April. I grew up in Virginia and made many trips there when the boys were growing up … it’s a favorite destination for me … and we’ll visit Arlington National Cemetery where Keith’s parents are interred. We haven’t been back since we visited in 2019 for our 30th anniversary. My sister lives outside DC in Maryland so we’re planning a family get together too!

We’re also planning to be in Maine for 5 weeks in the fall and I’m hoping a trip to Denmark works out too. Keith works for a Danish company and I LOVE visiting Copenhagen.

Where are YOU planning to visit this year?!


  1. Wow!! I’ll be traveling vicariously through you and other friends. Since I’m now widowed, and my spouse left me deeply in debt, travel is just not in my budget right now☹️☹️. Just glad I was able to travel to many places for my work and for hubby’s business. Travel is not out of my system, but it’s crazy the hoops you have to jump through now to get on a plane. Not ready to do that at this point in my life. But I can still dream about it😎😎!!

  2. You have some great trips planned! We are still in the dreaming stage of where we will go next. It will likely be a cruise somewhere in Europe, we just aren’t sure when. Remodeling has taken care of our travel budget for now but it is fun to dream about traveling while enjoying our new shower!

  3. Our plans include a national parks trip out west, a leaf peeping journey in the fall and numerous 3 or 4 day bird photography trips in Flrida and Alabama.

  4. I think your trips sound delightful Mary. I expect that my sole travel will be to the cottage in May. That is where my heart and soul are content. We have discussed a cruise to Alaska, but nothing definite at this point. I am so happy for you.

  5. I would love to go to Hawaii, perhaps sometime. Right now the plans are 1 week in the beginning of February to St Thomas. Two weeks down at the NJ shore with our daughter, SIL and 2 granddaughters at the end of June. A Viking cruise Amsterdam to Basel in October. I am hoping for a trip to New Hampshire during the summer to see Kevin’s brother for a week.

  6. Your trips sound wonderful. Hawaii is the only state we haven’t visited so I would love to get there before I get too old to travel. We are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon in May. My husband is going to hike the south to north rim and I will hunker down in the motorhome for a couple of days. I’m bringing my Featherweight sewing machine with me so I can work on some simple quilts!

  7. Sounds like you have some fun trips coming up. Dave spoke at a conference in Maui about 20 years ago, and I was excited to tag along. It was a wonderful trip. We’re planning to drive to Tucson at the end of this month. I’ve never been to Arizona. We’ll spend a week there, visiting one of my cousins and exploring, and playing golf. Beyond that, we have made no travel plans. If golf in winter wasn’t part of the plan for Arizona, then Dave probably wouldn’t have agreed to go. Wish he enjoyed traveling for fun as much as I do.

  8. I lived in Alexandria VA, a suburb of DC, and was 11 minutes from the White House. There are so many things to see in the capital, it’s just amazing. We have many small RV trips planned, but the big one will be to Yellowstone. I lived in Idaho for over five years and we drove to Yellowstone probably once every six weeks for the entire time we lived there. In winter we drove snowmobiles in Yellowstone. We are still pondering where to go for our 25th: London and Paris or somewhere in South America?

  9. Ooh! Your travel plans sound fantastic, Mary! We’re just starting to sketch out our 2023 travel plans. Many adventures await!

  10. Oops – I forgot that we are doing an Alaskan cruise in mid-June. That will be our second Alaskan cruise, and should be wonderful.

  11. We will be on Maui at the end of February. Would love to meet you! We know Maui very well having been every year for several years. Great tour guides! We stay in Wailea or Kihei area. I am a quilter (take my Featherweight with). We also love Big Canoe and have been there many times. (Live in Birmingham, AL)

  12. Glad to hear Maine is on the books! We are planning a trip to NJ to see my brothers (both have places they bought in the last 10 years that I have not seen). My husband’s 60th HS reunion is in MN and I believe we will go to that. Then onto Ireland…not sure where or how long. I need to get to work on planning that.

  13. How nice for you to be able to get back to traveling. I’m pretty sure we’re going to stay close to home as I am pretty much of a home-body and the yearly trip to the States for 40 years has given me enough of airports that I’d care to have!

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