Never say never … I would never have believed how much I enjoy listening to audiobooks several years ago … I had to “train” myself and while I started listening to history books, I now also enjoy listening to my mysteries. It frees my hands to knit and crochet so I’m enjoying a good book and making progress on my projects at the same time which is a win for me. And even better, I’m able to download them to the Libby App from my public library so they’re free!

Right now I’m all involved in this Joseph O’Loughlin series by Michael Robotham thanks to VickiW!

I’m also a big fan of my Kindle and carry it everywhere with me. I’m surprised at how often I get comments or questions from people … some say they only like “real” books … others are just curious and ask me how I like it. I’m a lifelong reader and I LOVE books … but the Kindle lets me carry my entire library with me so I never run out of reading material when I’m traveling, it fits nicely in my purse, and now that my eyes are aging … the ability to increase the size of the font as my eyes tire over the course of a day is priceless!


  1. I completely am in agreement about Kindle. I run the Kindle app on my iPad and iPhone, I can read my book from either. When I have a few minutes I just pull my iPhone out and read… plus the ability to increase the font size is a lifesaver. The eyes aren’t what they use to be.
    Take care of yourself.

  2. I also didnt think I would like audiobooks. I was suprised how much I love them. It is perfect to multi-task with. I crochet while listening , I have earbuds so I can move around if need be and not miss anything in the story.

  3. Another plus for audio books is that my shoulder doesn’t hurt because my hands are free and I don’t have continuous weight working against the joints.

  4. I “fought” getting a Kindle for years (even tho all my friends SWORE by them) cuz I was a “purist” – only ‘real books” for me. Now that I have my Kindle? I can’t imagine NOT reading on it! The built in dictionary?! The translator (tho I wish they had Greek & Latin cuz I read lotsa medical & historical things & they would sure come in handy). I’m SOLD! Now I just need to splurge & get a waterproof one.

  5. I listened to disc first, then CD’s on my Sony while quilting. Well, that’s not happening now because my Sony doesn’t work well. What kind of device do you use to listen to books? I still read books and enjoy them. I buy them super cheap at thrift stores, the cost of books on Audible is rather expensive.

  6. I haven’t tried borrowing audio books from Libby yet, but I’m really enjoying borrowing e-books. Maybe it’s time for me to ditch Audible and give Libby a chance. Audible sure is expensive.

  7. I recommend the Louise Penny series – start with the first one and set in Canada. Also, the series by Donna Leon – all take place in Venice. Start with the first one as you read some things about the main character’s family as they grow up.

  8. I have tried multiple time to listen to audio books, and I just can’t do it. My mind just wanders, and I have no idea what is going on. But, I LOVE reading, and read daily on my iPad. And I just bought a Kindle so I can read all the freebies I’ve downloaded over the years👍👍. Didn’t think I would enjoy reading on an electronic device, but like it for all the reasons you mentioned. I just read my first “physical” book in years, and found myself trying to look up words or change the font size or increase the light. Can’t do ANY of those things with a “real” book. Darn.

    Have you read any of Ruth Ware’s books? Great suspense writer, and I’ve read almost all of her books in the past few months. She has a new one coming out in Mayor June, I think. I borrow from my library and read on Libby. Trying to figure out Hoopla so I can borrow via my library using that platform. It just doesn’t want to link up with my library card for some reason.

    Will check out Michael Robotham. Really enjoy mystery and suspense books. But I have to intermingle some “lighter” books in between all the mystery/suspense. Thanks for pointing the way to a new to me author.

  9. Kindle- YES! Our public library has a fantastic bookmobile, but during the pandemic- yup I purchased a Kindle. Love it! Do I still buy/read “real” books? You bet! There’s a place for both, and honestly, I think Libby is probably one of the best things ever invented.

  10. I have an audiobook going at all times. I use an app from our public library and download books for free, then I can listen to them on my phone, computer or ipad. I often use ear buds when sewing or vacuuming so I can hear more clearly. Thank you for your recommendation of Robotham as an author, I will check him out.

  11. I have 4 different Kindles. I only read my freebie books on Kindle. It’s super rare that I would pay for a Kindle book. I also buy many print books. I like being able to easily flip back and forth, use Post-It notes and yes, even underline, circle and write in my books. Can’t do that on a Kindle. I use the Kindle mostly in summer, enjoying the outdoors, catching some rays, or under my she-shade when the sun gets too hot. There’s nothing more relaxing for me than being immersed in an Italian vacation romance while feeling the warmth of the sun, surrounded by the green trees and grass, birds chirping, and a slight breeze blowing. It’s totally therapeutic for me. But yea, Kindles rock. I’ve never read so much until I got my first paperwhite back in 2005, the one with the keyboard on the bottom.

  12. Because of my eye sight I started listening a few years ago with CD’s from my library, downloading & listening on my pc. I was so happy when they went digital and still free. I listen from my pc with cordless headphones – great for when knitting, sewing, gardening. I had an iPod but now use my walkman with earbuds at bedtime or travelling. I love murder, mysteries, etc. and usually get through 2-3 books each week. At the moment I’m binge listening to the Rebus series from Ian Rankin. He’s Scottish and so is Rebus, so the characters have a Scots accent – sometimes strong if he is from Glasgow haha.
    Hope you’re well and not in pain at the moment 🙂

  13. I’m glad you like the MR books! I actually got Chris converted to Audiobooks. He uses my Audible account so his sci-fi books are messing with my recommendation lists from Audible. 🤣
    Now we are both wired up all day.

  14. I love to read, and have a Kindle too. I have tried audible a couple of times, but just haven’t gotten used to them.
    Sending you hugs and lots of positive thoughts for good healing to you. 🤗❤️

  15. I use the Libby app to check books/magazines out of the library, too. I downloaded the Kindle app on my iPad, so I have one less device to carry around. Both the Kindle and Libby apps are on my tablet.

  16. I also enjoy reading via Kindle on my iPad for the same reasons – never run out of reading material and I can enlarge type when I feel like it. I do still read the occasional print book. So far I haven’t gotten into audio books. I did occasionally when driving long distances for work in the past.

  17. Love my Libby app. I recommend authors C.J. Box, Jan Karon and Wm Kent Krueger. Be sure to read in order.

  18. I’m a big fan of audio books and Kindle too but I can’t get my friend to use them. The Libby app has been a lifesaver too as I can borrow English books while sitting in my house in Japan. For so many years I just reread old books I’d brought from the States over and over again! Technology is wonderful!

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