Hat #5

Yesterday was a bad day but today is much better. I expect there will be more good and bad days and I plan on taking advantage of the good ones. I wandered downstairs and actually sewed a bit, starting a simple Happy Blocks quilt and then sat and finished up Hat #5. Pattern is Ross Beanie found free on Ravelry at this link.

Thank you all for your notes of support and prayers. I’m glad to have the surgery done and am looking forward to getting back to my normal life and routine!


  1. I’m glad you are feeling much better today, yay! It’s great you have lots of quilting and knitting projects to keep you busy. 😀 Happy healing!!!

  2. I’m glad you felt well enough to do a little stitching and knitting. Being able to do what you love can help healing go faster.

  3. One day at a time…I pray that you heal quickly and the issues are completely resolved. We are impatient by nature, so I also pray for your patience. Thinking of you.

  4. Sorry you were having a bad day. And hoping the days going forward are better and better. Glad you feel like stitching a bit. I swear that is the best medicine.

  5. So sorry to hear you had a bad day, and I hope that is the last one. I am not surprised (ok, really I am) that you are back to knitting and being very productive. Love the two hats!

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