1. Beautiful flowers and of course they were all thinking of you and praying for your speedy recovery. I am amazed that you were able to concentrate on this hat, which is one of my favorites also. You are blessed having so many people praying for you and sending you wonderful thoughts AND having a wonderful husband taking care of you. Continue to heal!

  2. Love this color and pattern combination! So different yet perfect.

    I also love your flowers. I wonder if my SIL would prefer flowers or a delivered meal more today after his minor surgery?

  3. The yarn is so perfect for this cap, I love it. I enjoy flowers so much I occasionally buy them for myself, yours are just beautiful. Hope your recovery goes fast.

  4. Yes, one of my favorite hats…also love the colors! I hope the knitting is keeping your mind occupied enough to overcome the healing pain. I bet Finn is sticking close to you. He will know something’s not right. Soon, Finn….soon. Hugs and prayers for steady healing.

  5. The hat is nice for variety. Did you use size 8 needles or the 6/7 they recommended. I just use regular weight #4 thread that Knots of Love recommends. I’m thinking with 96 stitches you would actually use the 6/7 needles.

    Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

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