The Dalmatian and Pinwheels top is done. This is an easy quilt I’ve made over the years to highlight larger focus prints. Brief instructions can be found on the website at this link.

I could have done a Strippie but this pattern results in a larger child size quilt which is just perfect for this print.

I’ve been reading all my comments and emails and although I haven’t been able to respond to each one individually I appreciate all the good wishes. Thank you for the encouragement!


  1. You certainly are keeping yourself busy so hopefully you are getting better every day. keep it up 🙂

  2. I am glad you are on the mend and making progress on all of your crafts. Remember to take it easy though.

  3. the quilt is wonderful. glad you are feeling up to doing more. just remember not to make my mistakes – push too much too soon and have set-backs. thanks for the quickie tutorial with the measurements so i don’t have to figure them out. take care of yourself. patti in florida

  4. Mary,

    I love the quilt and especially the Dalmatian print. I have been collecting Dalmatian print for a good number of years, but better yet we have real live Dalmatians. We have owned Dalmatians for over 55 years and have loved each and every one of them.

    Richmond, VA

  5. Love the focus fabric in this quilt. Some child will be very happy to receive it.
    Also glad to hear that you are progressing in your healing process. Please continue to take care of yourself. Personally, I would prefer you spend time on quilts and hats than responding to my comment. Take care!

  6. Happy to hear that you are progressing. Glad the surgery is behind you!
    Love the the focus print (dalmatian print.) When you feel like it, could you tell me the name/designer/or fabric co? My son in law is a retired firefighter and I’d like to make a pillowcase for him. At this time, he has had two amputations on big toe and waiting for a Pic Line, he has MRSA and Osteomyelitis.


  7. Love your Doggie Fabric. Someone is going to really love this Quilt. Hope you are feeling better and staying warm.

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