Hat #8

This color doesn’t want to photograph well … it’s either too dark or too bright. The color name on the yarn band is Plum but it looks more Burgundy to me. Pattern is Mount Ambler found free on Ravelry at this link.

I don’t like the cuff as shown on the pattern so I just do a k1p1 ribbing before starting the pattern rows. This pattern also seems to have an error in the crown decreases – missing a (k4, k2tog) row between rows 3 and 5 that I always add when I’m knitting it. But other than those two things, I like how this one knits up.


  1. You did so much to the pattern that it is totally different but I like your finished product. The texture seems lighter in terms of bulkiness which again makes for a nice difference to allow for choice.

    8 hats in less than 3 weeks! Recuperation has been o bonus to your knitting.

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