Family Gift Exchange

We had our call tonight so I can share the gift I made for our family gift exchange … it’s another one of the June Taylor bags. This one made for my sister Maureen.

We’re still having fun making things for each other and having our Zoom calls every 3 months or so.

Today I got the rest of my 16 patch blocks made but haven’t finalized the layout yet but as you can see there will be a doll quilt made from the leftover slivers from the strip sets!

I’ll have to dig around for a border or borders … but these leftovers turn out pretty cute! I just can’t stand to waste them!!!


  1. We began a weekly zoom call with our daughters and the SIL during the worst of the pandemic and it still continues. Last night we talked of many things but seeing one another and seeing smiles or the scar from my SIL’s recent carpal tunnel surgery makes it more . The concept of the gifts and the associated sincere thoughts required to make gifts would be so fantastic.

  2. My sister, two nieces, and I FaceTime nearly every Sunday afternoon. I knit or sew, my sister cross-stitches, one niece paints, one niece knits while we visit for a couple of hours. It’s precious time.

  3. You have so many pretty things that are so inspiring. I really should see what I can do with my scrap basket that collects so many odds and ends!

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