It’s a mess!

My sewing room is a mix of leftovers from the last couple quilts and the scraps I’m using for the Lattice quilt. It’s a mess!

When we bought the house here in Big Canoe I added additional lighting in the “bedroom” that became my sewing room. There’s a light over each of my work stations … both sewing machines, the ironing board, and my cutting table and for some reason they aren’t working! I’m going to have to call the guy who installed them for me and have him come fix them … I need that extra light!


  1. My sewing room (the extra bedroom) has a west window. And a ceiling fan with lights. And 2 flouresant lights bars. And a tourchiere. And an Ott floor lamp. And 2 desks lamps. And that STULL isn’t enough light sometimes! You can never have too much light in your sewing room!

  2. Because I have vision problems I have to have lights when I do anything. I hope your guy shows up soon. My sewing room looked like your a few days ago but I bought a bookcase and set my fabrics on it, changed my room around and it looks great now. Hopefully your sewing room gets those lights fixed.

  3. I wish I had more light in my room… Strategically placed desk lamps have been my best solution.

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