Missing Caleb!

I’m missing Caleb and Adam and Bree too but this memory video showed up today … Adam was planning to come the first weekend of February but we had to cancel because he was getting over something and Caleb was coughing … I’m so tired of worrying about getting sick! Keith has a lot of business travel and can’t afford to get sick too.

Caleb is such a sweet boy and SO SO smart! He has his challenges but I’m praying that his sweet nature and his intelligence will make him successful and happy in his future.


  1. He’s also a very talented artist. Who made that video for you? I hope you have one for each of your grandchildren, And I’ve never seen a photo of Caleb that he wasn’t smiling!

  2. Caleb is a handsome boy and his smile is so genuine. I can understand why you are missing your son and grandchildren. Hopefully they will get well soon. I read something yesterday that normally there are about 7000 viruses but right now there are 10,000. I’ve noticed some that seem to attack my joints and my friends got it too. I had one very serious a year before Covid hit.

  3. Loved seeing your photo’s of Caleb and the family, enjoying days out with Mother Nature, everybody smiling and happy. I can understand about you being worried of catching any infects. I’ve had a bad cold (coughing/sneezing etc) off and on over the past 2 weeks. Today I can hardly speak! I’ve stayed home, not wanting to spread it around. Hope your life gets back on track very soon 🙂

  4. His smiles make me smile too. I think the whole Covid thing has made us all pretty paranoid. We may have been naive before about how easily we share bugs back and forth.

  5. I love how his passion for dinosaurs comes through in all the t-shirts he has! I can see you in him in some of his poses…

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