Off my needles

This one is cozy! The pattern is from a booklet I bought on Ravelry. I see it’s $10 now but I’m sure I only spent a few dollars on it. There are 3 patterns … one with cables that I’ll never make and while I might eventually the 3rd one, this is my second “Skye” scarf and it’s one I’ll make over and over.

One of the things I love about it is that the edges don’t curl and it doesn’t need blocking. It’s also a fairly simple pattern to knit and while I do need to keep count of my rows, my Knit Companion app makes that easy.

This was the first one I made last year and it was in the box that went off to Warm Up America a few weeks ago. Isn’t it pretty?!


  1. I love the blue. Is it a different weight yarn because it looks very different from the brown. Of course I choose the blue because it is blue, variegated and looks almost chunky.

  2. So pretty! Love the texture of the basket weave look to it, and the blue makes it a perfect.
    So glad to read that your road of recovery has been smooth and gradually giving you back some of the things you enjoy.

  3. That basketweave pattern is a faourite of mine too – you ALMOST don’t have to pay attention to what you’re doing! LOVE the colour of your latest one!

  4. These scarves are just perfect. I like the brown more because it’s not as bulky. Probably different yarn. Is the pattern Skye? If it’s easy, I might try it. I still in love with your linen crochet pattern.

  5. I’ve never heard of the Knit Companion app. That sounds really interesting. Do you photograph the pattern into your phone to have it track or is the pattern supposed to be downloaded first into the phone?

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