The windmill top is quilted – it’s #12 of 15 so I’m well on track to hit my goal by the end of April. Pantograph is Billowy.

And after quilting, I ran out for another hike. Are you tired of seeing trail photos? I’m just so happy to be back on my favorite trail. Is there anything better than walking along a creek and listening to the sound of the water?


  1. I am definitely not tired of seeing where you walk. I might be a little envious but I’m glad for you. I love your windmill quilt, I didn’t know that was the name. Such a pretty quilt.

  2. Lovely video…..wish I could walk there, too, and stay a while and do a bit of knitting!
    Amazing all the quilting and “yarny” projects you accomplish!

  3. I never tire of seeing your trail walking pictures. Yesterday was an an absolutely picture perfect day in Indiana-not a wisp of a cloud in the bluest sky; green, green grass; and flowers and trees blooming almost at their peaks. It looked like a postcard or a picture on the puzzle box.

  4. Another great quilt finish. I never tire of seeing where you walk… maybe a little jealous right now since things aren’t green around here in WI. But please continue to share.

  5. I enjoy seeing photos of your walks, of your quilting, knitting, and crocheting, and of the wildlife that visit your yard. It’s wonderful that your surgery has allowed you to continue doing the things you love.

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