Still undecided

The new blanket is coming along but I’m still a little undecided about how well I’m going to like it. I love the colorway and like how that is working up but the yarn is heavier than the other worsted weight yarns I tend to use so it works up into a chunkier blanket … which I didn’t really like at first but now that it’s larger … I kind of like the weight. I’m not a fan in general of bulky weight yarns and this one feels more bulky than worsted to me.

We’ll see how I end up liking this one when it’s done and I do have several skeins in another colorway that will be used eventually too but I don’t think that this yarn will be one that I stock up on. (Not that I need to stock up on ANY yarn … the bins are overflowing!)

I’m using the Blanket Stitch for this one.


  1. I love the colors and it looks like it will be very soft. You appear to be back to your busy self. How is your back doing? I love all of your projects and your walking trails are amazing.

  2. I find the Caron Jumbo to be normal Cat 4 worsted weight yarn. I have a nearly finished baby blanket in the Rosewood colorway. After a while, the colors started to repeat themselves in the same position, row after row. I had to break the yarn and discard a section to force the randomness, again. Once when I was shopping for yarn, I took a look at the Lion Brand Mandala yarn that you like to use. They have several different weights. Mandala Ombre is a Cat 4, but the regular Mandala is a thinner Cat 3. My favorite yarn to work with is Caron Big Cakes. No matter how many times I have to rip something out and start over, it does not pill. I would like to see more colorways in Caron Big Cakes, but it’s as if Caron is not putting much effort into keeping that line alive, and Michael’s offerings are sparse. I see Joann has a Caron Jumbo Ombre color that I haven’t seen before, called Sunset. It’s a happy yellow, pink and gold and would make a beautiful summery blanket. Also, Lake Mist is a pretty mint green with a touch of heathery blue, but boy howdy, I do not need to buy any more yarn. Oh, would you look at that… it’s on sale. LOL

  3. I like the look of your blanket. I’ve just started crocheting and right now I’m using Red Heart because I got it ready cheap. Later on I will do some experimenting with various yarns.

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