Occasionally I’ll set aside a quilt that I fall in love with thinking that I’ll gift or donate it in the future and that’s what happened with this one. Finished in 2020, it’s been patiently waiting for me to decide where it’s going. Keith’s Pickleball crowd is having an Alzheimer’s benefit and he asked me if I had a quilt to donate for a raffle. Usually my quilts are donated to individuals rather than fundraisers but in this case, I made an exception … after all, he is the one who makes it possible for me to spend my days making and donating all the quilts I do and we lost his mother to Alzheimer’s so it’s definitely a cause that speaks to our hearts.

We took it over today and they were very appreciative.

Brief instructions for my Boxed Squares quilt can be found on my website at this link.


  1. It’s beautiful Mary, I can see why you kept it. Apparently many groups have quilt raffles. I’m thinking of donating one for a pet rescue near me. This will be a easy raffle.

  2. Gosh, it’s a beautiful quilt, Mary. I imagine and hope that it will bring a very good price for them. What a worthy cause. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Beautiful quilt, Mary. I list my mom to Alzheimer disease as well. I hope it brings a good price.

  4. It’s lovely and will definitely be appreciated. I do like having a quilt or two ready to donate to fund raisers for causes I believe in. A couple of years ago I donated one to the local safe house, in honor of an aunt who spent so many years in an abusive marriage.

  5. I think this was a very wise choice and Keith did ask. Being very selective about what fundraisers to support is very wise be a use there are so many good causes with well intentioned loving people collecting and guiding donations. There has to be a lot of patience with some who don’t understand how quilting really works. This seems as if it was the best of the quilting world donations.

  6. Love the colours in this quilt, Mary. Also love the fact that it is going to an Alzheimer’s fund raiser – cause dear to all of us, I believe.

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