We spent yesterday walking the National Mall. We didn’t get all the way around … my foot and leg gave out after about 4 and a half miles but it was a nice outing.

Dinner out was nice too!

We’ll spend today visiting family and then head home tomorrow.


  1. I used to live 11 minutes from the White House in Alexandria. We were constantly at the Smithsonian, always seeing the new exhibits. I can honestly say I enjoyed our 3 years there but was probably happier when we moved away. It’s a very interesting place and I’m glad you are enjoying yourselves.

  2. Washington DC is a great walking location. So much to see and do. Glad you are enjoying your trip.

  3. Four and a half miles is a great distance for your recovery period and it was a great day. Normally I would be jealous but I actually got out this week. Please keep up the good work because you inspire me.

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