A visitor!

We made plans earlier today to meet Chris for dinner and someone wanted to come visit Gram … all ready to go!

Enjoying dinner with Gram and Pop!

We missed Rae at dinner but we’re looking forward to watching her softball game on Tuesday when we take Mo home.


  1. It’s extra special when you get to spend time with just one of the grandkids. She’s such a cutie!

  2. So cute! Have fun! I love watching all my grandkids in their various sports and other activities but I do miss those preschool years when they could come for impromptu visits.

  3. Your grandkids are just so darn cute! I love that she has her own little suitcase, with a monkey attached.

  4. Wait, What? Wasn’t she just born like last month? What a lovely young lady she is becoming. So AWESOME they are close enough that she can drop in on you for a few days 🙂

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