Don’t Laugh!

Bear #1 is done … don’t laugh at me! Keeping in mind I rarely sew anything other than quilts … and that I’d never sewn at all before I started quilting … I don’t think this is too bad for a first attempt.

I now know that I definitely want to put the face on BEFORE assembling and stuffing. The various patterns I’ve looked at sometimes tell you to do it before sewing the parts together but the two patterns I’ve started with have you sew them afterwards … definitely NOT easy!

I used beads for the eyes of this one because it’s for Mo and she’s old enough not to chew on them or swallow them. For any that I plan to donate, I want to embroider or appliqué eyes for safety.

I’ve already looked at fabric for a few more and I’m going to try a different template for the next one too. The purple and blue fabrics below are flannel and the brown is another piece of Cuddle fabric. All of them are leftover from quilt backs and I love using up leftovers so we’ll see how this goes in the coming months.


  1. Great job! You’re way too hard on yourself! I can’t imagine doing that after it’s finished, especially sewing on the beads or buttons for the eyes! Also love the idea of making the little quilts for the stuffies you showed yesterday….I’ve seen them posted on FB several times and think they’re adorable, perfect for gifting with a baby doll quilt! Keep up the great, inspiring work! I am no longer able to quilt or do hand work, which I miss terribly….what I thought was run-of-the-mill osteoarthritis is now inflammatory arthritis in my hands and feet….methotrexate is helping to improve it somewhat but so very slowly. I live vicariously through your accomplishments and others!

  2. Really Cute! I found some doll faces on Etsy when I made dolls of hope. They where very nice and only a few bucks. I don’t digitize.

  3. He’s really cute, and Mo is a lucky girl! I’m excited to see how the bears in your other colours turn out!

  4. Mary, Mary, what are we to do with you?!! He’s cute! I bet Mo loves him! So, no more whipping yourself! We’re inspired and looking forward to more bears!

  5. Oh, Mary! I think he’s adorable! And I applaud your willingness to try a new thing! He’s “beary” special & I’m sure Mo agrees!

  6. Mary, I didn’t laugh but I smiled! He is just adorable. Some child will be very happy with anything you can give them. I hope to accomplish as much in my retirement (when it eventually comes) as you do! You are a blessing!

  7. I love all of your photos from this past week. Bless Mo’s little heart for coming to visit you AND getting you involved in making teddy bears! She is so cute and sweet and I bet she will follow in your footsteps.

  8. The bear is adorable and looks soft and squishy! That will appeal to little kiddos. What a fun project to do with Mo!

  9. Another great pattern is from Dolls of Hope. They have both a bear and a child. My 4-H’ers made these and we made about 90 bears and they were sent to an orphanage in Mexico.

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