Sunlight isn’t kind!

Both of these photos were taken this week … my hair looks SOOO gray in the photo with Mo that was taken outside and yet the photo with Rae taken a few days later makes me look younger!

I’m struggling a little with gray hair but I don’t have the patience or desire to dye it so I look younger …. Just have to live with it!


  1. Several silver fox groups on FB. Women celebrating their silver hair. Each time I see a woman with white or silver hair I compliment her. I had salt and pepper hair when I got about 60 and started dying it. Now wish I hadn’t and so many women are embracing their beautiful silver hair. You look great Mary and still young.

  2. You look great in both pictures! Wish I had the courage to give up coloring my hair. …

  3. You look great in both photos — and how sweet that you got to spend special time with both granddaughters. I let my hair go grey during the pandemic lockdown and have no interest in dying it again so that I look like an old lady with dyed hair! My daughter (who lives several states away) and I both take a Zoom yoga class and after a recent class, she texted me to ask if I had dyed my hair again because on the Zoom video, my hair looked medium brown instead of grey!

  4. Sweet pictures. You are in good company among the rest of us grey haired beautiful women!

  5. They say “Silver is the new blond”. I am 67 and more white than gray depending on the lighting. I have found that using a purple shampoo enhances the gray/ white.You don’t have enough gray to do that yet but hopefully that day will come. The alternative is not having hair which sadly, many women deal with. Love spending time with my grandchildren too!

  6. The terrific smile is still the same however! I went grey in my 30s but colored it until just a couple of years ago. Now it’s pretty much pure white. My youngest daughter will be 40 in December and she has just starting letting her hair go natural – and she obviously inherited my white hair genetics. And yes, the sun sure highlights those grey/white hairs.

  7. I’m 57 and have silver hair, very similar to your color. I stopped dyeing my hair in 2020. I recently saw a video of me in the sunlight and couldn’t believe how white it looked. Sometimes I want to dye it to look younger, but it’s too much work and it makes my hair thinner. I also am not sure it does make me look younger. And anyway, why do I even feel like I need to look younger? It certainly won’t change my life one bit.

  8. Gray hair used to be a sign of wisdom. People including me try to ignore that. During COVID I went gray and I like it. After about 20 years of coloring my hair I found gray was my color.

  9. Your hair looks great in both pictures! Your haircut is very attractive, and looks very good on you.

  10. Your hair looks great! I love that my hair is now silver/white, and hopefully you’ll feel that same about yours soon, too.

  11. I’m not convinced – to me the outdoor picture in the coral shirt with the paler hair is more flattering. But of course it’s all what you like……

    And great haircut. I’d love to have a reliable cutter/style instead of the long braid I seem to be stuck with. The animals in the quilts are adorable.


  12. First your hair looks great! Gray is a softer color and flatters our skin tone. My hair is salt and pepper. When I was maybe, in my 40s, a friend talked me into dying it. I did not want to and finally I caved in and the upkeep and mess went on for years. Then I developed skin cancer on my scalp and because of treatment, I stopped. (Not saying there is a connection. I grew up on a farm in the 50s when there was no such thing as tanning lotion and with the field work, I was mostly sunburned all summer) I’m happy with my hair, but wish it would go white. When I was a child in choir at church, I would look out at all the little old ladies with blue hair. I couldn’t wait. I don’t see blue hair anymore and it is a shame. Also, I don’t see little old ladies anymore. My hair is mostly pepper and depending on how it is combed it looks darker. That is what I noticed about yours. The photo with the hair brushed back makes the hair lighter. I always thought my hair grew with the white as an under layer. Mine started to turn in my 30s, but no one knew I was turning gray because my bangs covered it. I vote for don’t dye. I have always liked your cut and color. Enjoy your day.

  13. I definitely like the gray look! I’ve never bothered dying my hair and it gets grayer and grayer… I notice I need more color like in clothes or in makeup now that my hair color is pretty bland…

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