Getting organized

The sewing room was a bit of mess after sewing with Mo … her attention span is a bit limited so cleaning up between projects was put on hold!

I spent some time cleaning up and putting things away and then set up the new machine. It’s a Babylock Lyric and I made some strips and string rail fence blocks to familiarize myself with it. I think I’m really going to like this one but it doesn’t fit in any of my cabinets so I will be buying a new cabinet too … I’m just too used to having my machine sit down in a cabinet that even with the nice large extension table, it will be more comfortable for me if it’s lower.

I threw up 48 of the blocks on the design wall and will move them around a bit and then assemble the top.

I also grabbed the doll quilts and paired them up with the bears … I need to wrap the bundles with ribbon and they’ll be ready to donate.


  1. Those bears look so nice and snuggly in their doll quilts. And the pictures with you and the girls – priceless. It makes my heart happy to see all this goodness. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Nice blocks.
    How kind and thoughtful you are to donate the bears and quilts. A child’s life will be happier for your efforts. Thank you.

  3. You had a fun time with the granddaughters! Love your bears wrapped in quilts. Those are going to make some children very happy. You have such a kind, generous heart Mary. Your new machine looks like it would lower down into your cabinet, but I may be wrong. I thought my Pfaff wouldn’t fit when I first bought it a few years ago, but to my surprise it did with a bit of manuvering. I ordered sew steady insert for it, and it fit perfectly.

  4. I like your Rail Fence blocks, bright and jolly. The teddy bears wrapped in little quilt are delightful! What a wonderful happy gift for a chile. I can see their broad smiles as someone gifts them. You are very generous with your time and skills, Mary.

  5. Those “bears in a (quilt) blanket” are so wonderful! They will touch the heart of the lucky child that gets one! Way to go. I hope I can be half as productive as you are making the beautiful things for charity as soon as I have my sewing room back ( remodeling my house).

  6. These bears and quilts would be great to give to law enforcement to use when they are dealing with young children. I’ve enjoyed catching up with your comings and goings over the last month or two. Hope you enjoy your new sewing machine.

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