I resisted the urge to make another bear today and assembled the Strips and Strings Rail Fence top instead!

I also started another top that I’d like to get finished before our trip to Copenhagen … and then I took a hike!

There might be time for another bear later this week 🙂


  1. I just love “Strips & Strings”! Who knew “leftovers” could be so pretty when dusted off & combined with other scraps! Great job! And have fun in Copenhagen! You worl traveler you! I hope you find some great fabric ships!

  2. With scenery like that in your photos, there is a very good reason why you took a hike! At our house, we always say, “No flying leaps allowed!” Copenhagen? Can I come with? Pretty please. pj !

  3. P.S. Do you know about Hobbii Yarn Shop? What I have bought from them is amazing! Their site also has a plethora of knit & crochet patterns. Be well & safe! pj !

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