Hand quilting

I love hand quilting but don’t have the time to do large projects so hand quilting a doll quilt now and then fills that desire. I’m doing big stitch quilting on this and you’ll notice my stitch length is not all that consistent but I’m OK with that. It would take a lot more practice than I have time for so I’ll just do the best I can and enjoy myself. I don’t usually use a hoop for these because I tend to quilt long straight lines but I’m quilting around the triangles and the hoop is working well. On the triangles on the edges of the quilt, I’ll quilt without the hoop.

I also finished Pink Bear today and that’s the last doll quilt I have that’s finished … did you notice that one was also hand quilted? My stitches don’t look too bad!

There are 10 bears in quilts ready to donate and I think I’ll make a brown bear next to go with the one I’m quilting now. And I might have dropped a hint or two last night when I was talking to Mom about doll quilts. She likes working on smaller projects these days so we’ll see if she decides to make a doll quilt or two!


  1. Your stitches look great to me, mine get really wonky. I like to hand quilt small things but haven’t for a few years. I found a doll blanket at a thrift store last week and it was tied. I cut the yarn off and will quilt it on my sewing machine. I also found a boy doll dressed in blue Jean overalls, everything was hand made and so cute. Guess he needs a quilt too?

  2. I haven’t figured out big stitch quilting yet, but I do like the way it looks. I also only hand quilt small things. I have several throw size tops that are nearly there. All they need is a bit more quilting but hot flashes make it hard to have something big on my lap for long!

  3. I love your little bear and doll’s quilt combinations. I’m a big fan of hand quilting too, using Perle threads. I’m sure your Mum will take the hint and make some pretty doll’s quilts too. I see lots of bear making in your future!

  4. Perfection isn’t necessary. You make something wonderful and you always do it to the best of your ability. So one stitch turns out longer than the rest you aren’t submitting it for judging, you are sending it it off to be loved and you get practice at making stitches consistent. Win win!!!

  5. I love the pink bear and its little quilt.What a wonderful combination! The new one will be great when it’s finished too. I just finished hand quilting a baby quilt. That is still my favorite way to finish quilts, but don’t always have the time that it requires. My sister caught me pulling out a stitch at one point because I thought it was too long. Her comment was, :Do you really think anyone else will notice?” This quilt is going to a family about to have their third child under the age of five. So that answered that question. LOL!
    Keep having fun with these little creations!

  6. Your hand quilting looks great! I only hand quilt small things too. My hands are too stiff to do much. Your pink bear is so cute. There is not another one like it, a Mary Original.The quilt matches her perfectly.

  7. Hi Mary! Oh yes, I am 100% certain that you Mom picked up the idea of doll quilts. That sounds right up her alley. We all have oodles of scraps sitting around, saved for just the special sort of purpose. Happy Mother’s Day to you and your Mom! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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