Gift exchange

I’ve been waiting for our Zoom call to share these two projects. I had Chris’ name this time around for our family gift exchange and intended to make him a quilt until he started wanting lots of changes after he saw the design.

He also wanted a quilt for Gus (his puppy) so for the exchange I quilted and bound this panel for Gus.

Of course, when Chris saw the top from my original design, he decided he did want it after all so it will be finished and gifted for his birthday but I did make him sweat a little. One of the things I love about making and donating quilts is that I make the quilts I want to make … without all the “input” and had he not wanted this one I would have been more than happy to donate it!


  1. Chris’ quilt is a beauty! No wonder he’s enamored with it! I love that pattern! And his puppy’s quilt is equally cute. Once again, good job!

  2. I have this panel and was thinking it was a wonderful baby quilt with Mom overlooking the little ones.

  3. I find input from most people awful. My colorblind son in law does great though. I can’t explain it but he sees the pattern much better and gives a general idea of color and is content with the result.

  4. ah, I have been trying to figure out what to do with that Smokies panel – a baby quilt is a good idea, but I think maybe it will end up backing a quilt for my Smokies’ fan son.


  5. Chris’ quilt really is awesome, so I’m not surprised he decided he wanted that design after all.

  6. Oh thank you for this post. I thought maybe it was just me who didn’t appreciate input about quilts I am making!

  7. Love the bear panel. I’ve been looking for a border for a panel I have. Is this your design or villa rosa or? Love the colors. I feell like I struggle with colors sometimes. Beautiful quilt.

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