We didn’t arrive at the hotel until about 1pm but we took a walk around the Nyhavn area … with a stop to get some toiletries as in memory of my first trip to Copenhagen about 20 years ago … my bag did not arrive…. Again! Luckily, I’d tossed a couple changes of clothes in Keith’s carry on and hopefully it will arrive tomorrow.

Keith had a business dinner so I ate at the hotel (Italian) with my Kindle in hand … it was yummy! I met him and a few of his coworkers for an after dinner drink and now we’re heading to bed.

Keith will be tied up all day tomorrow in meetings and has another business dinner but I have plans to wander around the city. I have NO problem entertaining myself!


  1. Fantastic trip. Sorry about your luggage as that is never fun. Have a super wonderful visit.

  2. I love to just wander around, have seen some interesting things. Smart move to pack some clothes with Keith’s. Keep on having fun.

  3. Your supper was probably tastier than the business dinner would be. Hope your bag arrives tomorrow. I hate when my luggage gets detoured. Like you, I’ve started splitting up our clothes, so we each have something in each bag.

  4. Good for you Mary that you can entertain yourself. I am like that also so I would not want to miss a trip. So much to see and do. Enjoy!

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