I’m so goal oriented that it’s hard to take time away from my “work” but I told Keith today that I’m determined to enjoy my travel time and the time with the kids. I haven’t accomplished as much as I’d like this month and there’s lots of quilting waiting for me but I’ll get it all done eventually!

These are just 12 of the 20 of MY tops I have waiting for quilting and yes some of them are doll quilts which shouldn’t take too much time unless I hand quilt them!

I’ve also got a batch of HeartStrings tops to quilt but surprisingly I don’t feel that much pressure. I know I’ll get it all done SO I’ll enjoy my travel and the upcoming Memorial Day weekend with the girls!


  1. I’m glad you are able to enjoy the travel time. And a long weekend with the kids will be awesome too. I have about 10 tops hanging in my closet right now, and eventually they will get quilted. There are 2 doll quilts however that I hope to finish this weekend. The tops are done.

  2. All the quilts are so pretty! You enjoy your travels and your grandchildren, the quilts will get done.

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