Back at work

I had to take Finn to the vet this morning – he picked a cough while he was boarding. He’s fully vaccinated of course but as we all know that isn’t 100% protection against viruses. He’s on meds and needs lots of rest but should have a milder case thanks to the vaccinations.

After getting him settled I headed downstairs. I’ve been talking for months about piecing some Strips and Strings Log Cabin blocks and I finally got around to starting a set. It’s messy!

But the mess is worth it. I love log cabin quilts and I love being able to use leftover strips and strings to make them. I’ve got another 20 blocks that just need the last round so I made good progress.

It was rainy today so I did the treadmill but yesterday I was out on my trails! I love exploring cities when we travel but love coming home and hiking too. Aren’t I lucky that I have the opportunity to do both?


  1. Hope Finn gets well quickly. I have a few string blocks going too, and yes it’s messy. And I swear it isn’t making any kind of dent in the scraps. Enjoy those local hikes. Such pretty landscape.

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