Not a stitch

I didn’t get down to the sewing room today except to give a “tour” to a new friend. She knew I quilted because I’d donated a quilt to a recent fundraiser but had no idea how extensive my obsession was. But I did get out for hikes yesterday and today. All kinds of wildlife!

Keith’s brother and his wife were here today and that took up the rest of my afternoon and evening. Now that Keith and Finn have gone to bed, I’m going to knit a little while and listen to my audiobook.


  1. Beautiful places to hike- but not the snake!!
    PS C’mon Keith- the new quilt looks great and I’ll bet you’ll like it once it is finished.:)

  2. Except for the snake your hike looked peaceful and serene. Obsession – that is the word that perfectly describes my quilting habit too. LOL

  3. Yeah, obsessed is a good word for us fabricaholics. Yesterday I was looking for a blue fabric for a border and went through four baskets. And of course, none matched. That snake is creepy but they are part of nature so I allow them to move on. I hope you walk with something to protect you?

  4. I like the snake – beautiful patterning and if close to your house helps with rodent control.


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