A lazy afternoon

I was up at 6:45am to go watch Keith play in a Alzheimer’s Pickleball benefit. That’s early for me!

The afternoon after the tournament was kind of lazy and I didn’t sew at all today but I’m going to knit a while now that Keith and Finn have headed to bed. Hopefully, Finn will let me in the bed! He’s claimed my side. Usually he waits on the bench at the foot of the bed until I come to bed and then snuggles up to me but he’s made himself a nice little nest with my quilt.

Hopefully it doesn’t offend anyone that he’s on the quilt. It’s a favorite of mine and used often – it was made for me by my HeartStrings group at the time I was caring for and lost my SIL. The white center string represents the lung cancer she had and the purple strings represent caregiver I was. I feel close to her every time I use this quilt.


  1. My Ginger decided I needed her after I had knee surgery. She cuddles right up to me. Finn kind of looks like he is disturbed but we know you are his bestie. I don’t mind my dogs on the quilts but sometimes they like to scrunch up the quilt and have torn fabrics when they do it. I’m careful now where they lay.

  2. I am always pleased when I see people using my quilts and handwoven things. I hate when they say – it’s too pretty to use. Finn is enjoying that quilt and I’m sure that means so much to you in many ways!!

  3. I have no thoughts about Finn using the quilt. That’s your personal decision. I love the quilt for the colors and why they were chosen. Such a thoughtful gesture. I can see why you cherish and appreciate it.

  4. Finn is a member of your family and should be allowed to enjoy your quilts. My cats are “quilt snobs” my friends says. They will only lay on the backs of furniture.if there is a quilt spread for them to sit on. I’m sure your scent is on your quilt and it comforts him.

  5. The story this quilt holds is beautiful and I am glad it’s a comfort for you, and now this is where Finn knows to wait for you to come snuggle in for the night/morning 😉 . Pickle ball sounds like a fun activity for Keith. Such a beautiful morning to be out for the games.

  6. This is precious and doggies know where the special spot is where you will come back to. They are smart to very caring.

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