This almost didn’t happen today … it’s a rainy day and I just felt blah … I went downstairs and loaded a top on the longarm but didn’t feel like quilting so I decided I’d have an easy day … reading, some laundry, and crochet and I went back upstairs.

After the laundry was done and I’d crocheted a while, I decided to go back downstairs and quilt! The Dalmatians and Pinwheels top is now quilted. Pantograph is Happy Times and I’m SO happy with this quilt! I love the rich colors and the cute Dalmatian and firehouse print and the quilting suits it well.

It’s got a cozy flannel back on it and I know someone is going to love this quilt!

After quilting this one, I hand quilted for about an hour and then puttered around pulling some backing fabric. I try not to spend a lot of time wishing for things to be how they were in one of our other houses but my storage for my backing fabric was great in Tampa. I had a closet with shelves and a built in wardrobe that were both devoted to storing backing fabric. It was SO easy to find something that worked without having to dig in multiple bins. Now I’m thinking about adding another shelving unit in the corner where I store the backing bins to make it easier.

The binding pile is growing but I’m not going to let it stress me. I’m getting plenty done and I’ll work my away around to it! I need to piece some batting leftovers together too … that’s in the bin under the binding pile.

There’s also a small pile of HeartStrings tops … one needs a backing pieced and 2 need borders added.

I won’t run out of work to do anytime soon!


  1. I found nice storage cabinets on FB Marketplace and also on estate sales that were so much nicer than tubs on shelves. I can see them as soon as I open the doors and I have a huge amount of backing fabrics. It looks nice too. Your quilt is colorful and children like color.

  2. That little dalmatian quilt is darling! I made a Project Linus quilt from it, too & just love it.

  3. Look at all those projects waiting for you! I usually have two or three going at one time to have variety, but I’m afraid I’ll give up on something (that does happen occasionally) if I don’t get it done in one swoop.

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