Ready to stuff

After finishing up the hand quilting and getting the binding ready for hand stitching, I started a few more bears! This one is ready to be stuffed. Chris cut some felt eyes and noses on his Cricut for me.

I’ve got several patterns I’m using and have made templates for them to make it easier. The smallest bear is one of the ones I made for Mo but I decided to upsize it a little on the copy machine and that’s the template I used for the one above.

I’ve got one more with the face on and ready to sew together although I forgot to check the position of the eyes and nose with the template so it might end up being a little high … but I’ve got several more traced and ready for faces so that’s probably what I’ll work on tomorrow.


  1. Those bears are absolutely adorable! Did you find a pattern/template you liked or are they “a little of this one & a little of that one”? What size(s) are they? I love them!

  2. Hi Mary, where did you find your original pattern for the bears? I would love to make some and include them with my quilts also. Thank you, Gloria

  3. Any chance you have a pattern to share. I had one but it was too small for me. I don’t like tiny sewing. Yours are great!

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