SO Talented!

Adam gifted Keith a drawing for Father’s Day – Fritz was Keith’s dog growing up and I think Adam did an amazing job!

Is it wrong of me to claim some credit for his artistic ability? I fostered creative activities in both the boys growing up!


  1. What an amazing picture! Keith must have been thrilled. Yes, your son is very talented. What’s his day job, something also creative?

  2. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. It shows Adm’s love and appreciation of Keith. Mom, you have every right to be proud of your sons and their talents. I am sure that those talent came from you.

  3. That is a picture of a very sweet looking dog! He did a great job. But, you can take credit for some of his ability.😉

  4. Another amazing picture. You fostered both the love of art and the ability to love and be loved in both boys. Parenting done well.

  5. Having parents encourage creativity is pretty important. He definitely has talent. I agree with Penny – parenting done well.

  6. He looks so much like you in this photo! He really does have a gift, and of course you can take some credit for that!

  7. Heck no! You should claim some credit for fostering and building that creative side. It would be a huge shame to waste all that talent. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. Ooh! I wish I could paint like that! What a wonderful present! Your son has a real talent!

  9. how wonderful. what a sweet memory. It is great to share a talent with your love one. It is priceless and wonderful.

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