1. Oh, Mary!! The deer are so WONDERFUL to see, and I’m glad you saw them from a distance!!

    I live in the middle of Lincoln, NE, and I have a ton of wildlife visiting, but no bears!! I now have a family of raccoons hanging out in the tree right next to my garage: 6 kits plus mama!! The babies are so darn cute. Think they may be around 2 months old. The first night I saw them was around 8 or so. They were climbing up the tree right outside my studio. I was within 3 feet of them, and they could have cared less that I was so close to them. I was so shocked to see them that it took me a minute to grab my phone and take some pictures. I was even out there with my little Pomeranian, and they weren’t concerned about her, either. There were 4 of them climbing the tree closest to my yard, and I saw 2 more plus mama in the tree by my garage. That is one of the neatest experiences I’ve ever had. I want to enjoy them in their environment, but I don’t want them as pets. So far, they haven’t caused any “issues.”

    • Never mind I looked back on the website and found where you first talked about the cameras. Do you have a subscription or just download what you might want to keep?

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