I love trees and it distresses me to lose one … even if it is diseased. Today we had one in the front yard taken down. In addition to being diseased, it was leaning significantly and the limbs and leaves grow so fast that it’s very difficult to keep them off the house. Keith up on a ladder with sharp things (saws and clippers) has also been a concern.

My yard and house look weird without it. It will take me a while to get used to it being gone.

I woke up tired, with a sore throat and cough so have had a lazy day. Nothing but napping, reading, and some knitting. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel up to loading and quilting a top.


  1. That’s sad to lose such a beautiful canopy. There has been a lot of tree removal in my neighborhood the last few years and it doesn’t look the same, either. These houses were built in the early 80’s and the CA drought has taken its toll.

  2. Feel better, friend. Your post reminded me of my husband standing on top of a 6ft ladder, trimming a neighbor’s tree with a chainsaw! Pretty sure that took a few years off my life.

  3. Sorry about your tree. My daughter had to have the 2 old oaks in her front yard removed for the same reason. They bought the house because of the trees. They thought the could replace them with established trees. Not happening. It took a while and a good landscaper to find an appropriate fast growing tree to fill in each gap. Hope you have better luck.

  4. So sorry that you had to lose such a beautiful tree, but better than having Keith up on a ladder or it falling into your house. We live in the CA desert and have lost a beautiful lemon tree last year. Our gardener just finally purchased a healthy tree. Apparently, many lemon trees (both regular lemons and Meyer lemon trees have recently been lost.

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