My new sewing cabinet is coming Monday and I’ve been trying to figure how to best rearrange the room. I like the way I set it up when we moved here with the two sewing machines by the windows but the new cabinet will be too large to go in the space that the old one was in. So today I had Keith come downstairs and help me rearrange things and I think the new arrangement will work.

Jane has been moved between the windows, the ironing board moved where the old cabinet was …

And the new cabinet with the Lyric will go where Jane was. That should allow me to keep both tables under the windows by the machines … and allow me to store string bins and my bear making supplies under those tables.

The cutting table and design wall stay where they were across the room.


  1. Your room is so clean! Is your design wall attached to the wall or can it be moved? I’m in need of something new and I really like yours.

  2. For me, arranging my sewing room for a workable flow was quite a challenge. I am comfortable with my current arrangement, but only wish the room was bigger. I think we all wish for a larger room so we can spread out while we create. My dream is to convert the double car garage into a sewing studio. I can always dream.
    Enjoy your new arrangement and the new cabinet that you will be adding to your space.

  3. I wish I had that amount of space. I know we all wish for that. I am sure your room will be great! My room is a mess with fabric and ideas everywhere. I was just away and shopped while I was gone and brought home 2 more bags of fabric. My husband is ok with it but says I need to live to 200 years old to use everything I have.

  4. When we bought our house two years ago my plan was to use the huge family room as my long arm room. I changed my mind and we put it upstairs in a bedroom, the 2nd largest room, and my sewing room is the smallest. Now I wish I had the family room as a very large sewing room. Your large room looks wonderful! We need all the space we can get.

  5. It’s always interesting to see how others arrange their work spaces. Yours is free of clutter too, which is a goal I’ll probably never reach. LOL

  6. Oh to have one room for all my sewing supplies. I sew in one bedroom, press in the den, cut in the dining room and design wall in another bedroom. Advantage to this arrangement is I get lots of walking. .it works for me.

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