Up and running

The Koloa cabinet was delivered today and I got the Lyric set up and took it for a spin … since this is my binding machine … I trimmed one of the waiting quilts and machine stitched a binding on and now it’s ready for hand stitching. (I hand stitch all my bindings down). I think this setup is going to work out just fine. I haven’t had drawers on any of my previous cabinets so they’re a definite bonus.

Next time Chris visits, I’ll have him help Keith put the castors on the bottom but for now it’s good to go! I had some extra room on the side so I set up my spare ironing board as a work surface … I’ve been using it by the machine for a while now and I was happy that there was enough room for it.

When Keith and the dogs go to bed tonight, I’ll hand stitch another binding. Tomorrow I need to get a top loaded and quilted.


  1. So you can get a whole binding hand stitched in an evening? Very impressive! Do. you have a secret approach or just focus and diligence?

    I don’t like my machine stitched bindings but am so slow on the hand stitching, its agony. For small quilts (dolls, newborns) I am experimenting with a pillow case approach where there is no binding at all, just a seam around 3 sides of an inside out layer of batting, front and back, and one side sewn down by hand.


  2. Happy that it fits! Looks like it will be a great contribution to your binding endeavors.

  3. That is a good looking cabinet. I have a big old wooden desk for my sewing station, and I really love having the drawers. You’ll enjoy your rearranged space and new cabinet.

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