Ready for quilting

Another border added to one of the group HeartStrings quilts today.

I’ve got Mo here for a few days next week but I still hope to get at least 2 quilted and maybe we’ll work on some bears and/or bear quilts. There’s just one more group top that needs a border and hopefully I’ll get to that during the week too.

I haven’t decided for sure if I’m going to use the backing that’s pictured with the quilt or another one but it’s nice to have more options thanks to Tish and the backings she sent.

I also got another one of the group quilts trimmed and the binding is on and ready to hand stitch tonight when Keith and Finn go to bed.


  1. A question that always come up when I see how productive you are: why not finish the binding on the machine? I know that part of it is the relaxing nature of hand sewing, and the convenience of sewing while enjoying a TV show.
    When I quilt on my sewing machine – laboriously, it always seems – I remind myself that I’m still working more quickly than with hand work. So it goes with all repairs, and sewing on a button by machine. Plain fact, I don’t want to hand sew.
    I know that hand-sewing the binding is standard practice among many or most of the quilters I follow online. I’ve never seen any of them give a reasoned explanation.
    And please give your small companion/tumor a pat for me. I miss my old friend immensely.

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