Library Day

Today was my library day and I told Keith when I got home how much I am enjoying myself. I’m so glad the library in Jasper opened back up after being closed for an extended period of time for remodeling AND that my brother Kevin pushed me to get Mom’s family history written.

Much of the research was done years ago when I was living in Minneapolis and I’ve looked up things since then but this is the first time that I’ve dug in deep again. Before I write up my summaries I search for any new information and I’ve been digging through family photos too.

My Mom’s mother died when she was 6 and her dad remarried when she was 9. Her stepmother is the only grandmother I remember and I felt close to her. She didn’t have much and Mom and her sisters helped her out financially and I remember joining in and helping for several years too. Sending a small check each month was a wonderful excuse to write her, share photos with her and to just connect on a routine and ongoing basis until she died in 2000. It was a great gift to ME.

I love you GrandMom!


  1. I love seeing pictures of your family. I feel I know them, just from the pictures.

  2. Sometimes family chooses us (or we chose them). I’m grateful for someone like that in my life, just like you are! Thanks for the reminder of my grandpa! And what a treasure this history will be to your family

  3. You family is a great example of loving and caring for one another. You have passed that to your sons and have done so much for your families over time. Love is a gift best shared.

  4. It’s an awesome trip down memory lane when we work on these projects. Your grandmother must have felt so blessed to end up with such a loving family. I was fortunate to grow up with one grandmother only a block away, and I got to spend a lot of time with her. When the family was here over the weekend the girls pulled out old photos including our wedding album, and the oldest granddaughter ended up even trying on my wedding dress. I posted about it Sunday.

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