Our precut challenge for August is one yard pieces … so I whipped up a Quick Strippie this morning in between teaching Mo to sew.

She had fun helping me make a bear the last time she was here but I did the actual sewing. I thought this little kit would be fun because she could learn to sew the animals herself. She decided to make the bear and she did great!


  1. What a cute kit (and Mo is adorable!). How old is Mo now, and where did you find the kit? I tried to Google it, but couldn’t come up with that specific one. I have an almost-5 year old granddaughter, and think this would be great to do with her, maybe in another year or two. Thanks! Nancy

  2. She did an awesome job on that cute little bear. The Quick Strippee is really sweet with the yellow and blue. I still have 2 of these kitted up and ready to sew, but keep getting distracted with other projects.

  3. All of you quick strippies are just fabulous! And with Mo, looks like the apple 🍎 hasn’t fallen far from the tree! ❤️

  4. What fun! Mo did a great job on that bear! I’m sure you are starting her on a lifetime of joyous crafting and sewing!

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