While Mo was sewing one of her animals today I pulled out the doll quilt bin and grabbed a baggie with leftovers. With a little unpicking here and there, I was able to take strip set leftovers and piece this little top. Hopefully I’ll find some time to sew a bear or two this month but the priority remains quilting and binding!

And if you were wondering which quilt the leftovers came from … you can find it at this link. I loved how that one turned out and one day I’ll make another one.

Mo’s visit is coming to an end this evening but we’ve had lots of fun. I’m not one of those grandmothers who is interested in providing full time childcare but I do enjoy time with my little ones.


  1. Fun!!!!! I love your times with the grands. I agree with you that being a Grandma is very different from being daycare.

  2. I am sure the dynamics of your relationship would be much different with full time care, but Paul and I were the fill in care over summer, vacations and the dreaded sick days and that is a fun place to be. We could do all the fun stuff and only the drudgery we were willing to do. We could take the kids to join their mom for lunch or to the zoo or beach. Live the good life because it is way too short.

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