Back to School

My little ones are growing up! Caleb and Bree started back to school last week and Rae and Mo started this week. I can’t believe Mo is in kindergarten now!

  • Caleb – 8th grade
  • Rae – 5th grade
  • Aubrey – 3rd grade
  • Mo – Kindergarten


  1. Adorable grandchildren – they are growing up! Love the uniforms, too, as it makes them look like they’re ready to study.

  2. Awesome 1st day of school pictures. My grandkids start on the 16th and 24th. Two will be 6th graders and move to the middle school buildings, twins will be 4th graders, and Jack will be in 2nd grade. They all grow up too fast.

  3. I love their cross word puzzle wall hanging. The grandkids are adorable and growing so fast.

  4. I so enjoy First Day of School pictures. They bring back memories of my own childhood as well as those of my kids. My kids went to a Catholic school and wore uniforms, which I LOVED, for 2 years before they switched to a little more lenient dress code.

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