Library Day

It’s funny but I kind of feel like I’ve come somewhat in a circle … a few years of my early adult life was spent in a rural Virginia community with my ex-husband … now Keith and I are living in a rural mountain community after spending most of our 35 years together in cities that were definitely larger than where we are now.

It takes a little planning so I combine my errands and my library day and go into town which is about a 20-30 minute drive.

One of the fun things about being back to work on the genealogy stuff, writing the story about Mom’s family is that I tend to text back and forth with her talking about what I’m reviewing or the new information I’m finding. She had a cousin who worked on some of the family history on her Mom’s side and had shared this photo of her parents with her older sister.

Her Mom died when she was 6 and we have very few photos of her.

Ruth Virginia Wiggins Privott

There might have been some yarn purchased today too … but don’t tell Mo, she thinks Gram has enough yarn and should use what she has … but since I can’t resist a sale and I just finished a blanket with Mandala yarn I bought some more (yes, I do have Mandala yarn here … but it was on sale!)


  1. It is a beautiful color(s). It should workup into another lovely afghan. Isn’t genealogy so fascinating. I am working on my father’s family and receive a message from Family Search welcome Pioneer Family member. Who knew a long ago relative and some more recent ones were Mormons. You never know what you can find out.

  2. When my mother and aunt were clearing out my grandmother’s house because they were going to have an auction. My grandmother moved from the farm into town. She had saved all the letters her kids had written to her while they were away at college, in the wars (WWII, & Korea) and their lives as they moved around the country. Those letters are like a history of the time. I’ve printed them for my sisters and now my daughter is using them as she has decided to get into creative writing. Those letters also contained information about the other side of the family. My Mother would write about what she heard from my father’s family so it is all there. Too bad letter writing is not common any more.

  3. We MUST take advantage of those sales – yarn, fabric, books. That is pretty yarn. The family history books will be treasured. Wish I had worked on something like that when my mom was still alive. She was the family historian so I have all of the boxes and bins of notes, pictures, records, etc. Seems like every winter I dig back into the genealogy stuff. I did make small Shutterfly books for my girls last winter with pictures and basic birth, marriage, death dates and locations for 3 generations on both my side and my husband’s side.

  4. Hello! Totally understand about the yarn! Loved the pictures of the wildlife. What an unusual growth on the one deer. Enjoy your day.

  5. That’s funny that your granddaughter is keeping you accountable for your yarn! You’ll just have to make her something with that beautiful mandala yarn!

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