Deer, Deer, BEAR!

I haven’t shared in a while but I still love checking my cameras to see who dropped by for a visit. It’s always fun to see the occasional bear but I’m content to capture them on camera versus meeting up with them in person when we’re out walking Finn!

Did you notice the poor deer with the tumors? He’s a fairly frequent visitor and that one on his neck has gotten huge. It’s always sad when to see the sick/injured animals but unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about it.

Musician: Guitar_Obsession


  1. Seeing the tumors makes me cringe. Interesting to see the cars in the background. Didn’t realize you were that close. Thank you for the video of wildlife and the lovely music

  2. My oldest dog has tumors too. Not like the deer though but enough. I wouldn’t want to run into that bear.

  3. I have missed your videos. Your camera takes great pics. I would like to set one up at our place. The deer are frequent visitors and eat my flowers. 🙁


  4. “The wart-like growths are most likely cutaneous fibromas. Cutaneous fibromas are caused by a virus, and they are relatively common on white-tailed deer. … Although the tumors can be found on any area of the body, they are found most commonly on the head, neck, shoulders and forelegs. The tumors typically do not cause any harm to the deer, and they usually regress and eventually disappear with time. The virus that causes them to grow in white-tailed deer does not infect other wild animals, domestic animals or humans.” (from site)

  5. I laughed today when we were out hiking. There was a woman who saw a deer and was beyond excited about it. We were all “yeah, another deer….” Clearly she was a city girl! LOL!

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