I don’t miss it

We lived in Florida for 20 years … and Keith basically grew up there after moving to Broward county when he was a kid… and we loved it while we were there but I don’t regret moving at all.

The heat, the political environment, and the hurricanes … all things I do NOT miss.

Hope everyone stays safe as Idalia blows through.


  1. I lived in Orlando for 6 months back in the mid/late 1980s & that was more than enough for me. The humidity, the mold, the bugs, the tourists, the crime. And that was supposedly “the good ol’ days”. Now? I don’t care that they have low taxes. I’ll take the frozen tundra & high taxes over that current mess any day!

  2. Florida is in a bit of a mess right now but most of the country is. The hurricanes have always scared me. I remember when the weatherman drew on s board to shown the predicted path. Since you weren’t sure where it would hit lots more people prepared for the worst. This year’s heat is unparalleled so there is no excuse.

  3. Where do you live now? I am in Savannah, GA, so it looks like we will get some of the storm. Hopefully by the time it reaches us it has slowed down a bit. It is very quiet and overcast today, so I guess we are all getting ready – time to batten down the hatches!!

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