The last top of Linda’s is quilted and my goal of quilting 35 tops this summer has been met … and the only tops left here are mine! Pantograph is Barb.

I do have these last two of Linda’s to bind and I’ll work on that next week. I’m “allowing” my self to work on the crochet blanket tonight and then we have plans for the long weekend.


  1. I have loved all of Linda’s quilts! Good patterns and wonderful color choices. Brava, Linda! And a brava to you, Mary, for the quilting, which enhances them so much.

  2. The name of the quilt is String Theory. Can be found in American Patchwork and Quilting magazine April 2017 issue 145. Or pattern is for sale at APQshop.com.

  3. Congratulations on meeting your goal (as you ALWAYS do). I think it is wonderful that you do all these charity quilts.

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