A weekend away

Keith is playing in a Pickleball tournament this weekend so we decided to make it a little getaway.

We’d stayed at Chateau Elan about 20 years ago when we lived in Marietta so it’s kind of fun to revisit only this time we’re staying at the Hampton Inn with Finn 🙂

But first, we had lunch by the lake before we left home.

Then we drove the hour and a half to Chateau Elan.

We had dinner at the Irish pub on the grounds … we’ve remembered and talked about eating there 20 years ago so it was fun to go back even though they didn’t have any Irish music playing this time.


  1. You can’t go home, but you can remember the wonders of home. Sounds like your wonderful trip from years past allows you to see the world as it was and visit a new place full of memories.

  2. What a fascination building and setting. I am reading that this is a winery, too. I would love to tour this place. Glad you’re having fun on your trip.


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