1. Definitely not what you wanted to see. Any hopeful things on the internet? My daughter found a simple fix to a failure on her car by finding the computer computer code and telling the dealer what she found.

  2. Well, at least you have two days! We usually travel in my Toyota Highlander but when we go out west, we take my husbands truck. It drives like a car and is really comfortable! Most trucks now have double cabs (for all our stuff too).Have fun in Maine!

  3. I feel your pain. Our new, 2023, car has needed repairs since Dec. 2022. Parts unavailable. Don’t buy a NEW car. We finally heard that the parts are in. But, it will be Nov. before the car can be fitted into the repair schedule. We drive our old pickup. And try not to drive much. 10 mpg. That’s UGH! Hope your repair is quick and painless. New trucks are much easier to drive that older ones. So worry not, Mary.


  4. Ugh! is right…but better now than 2 hours after you left??? I hope it’s not too serious and that parts are available.

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