My Bu is back!

We were afraid there were electrical issues beyond the battery being dead but it was checked out thoroughly by the dealer and a new battery installed and my Subaru is back home!

Now I just have to hope everything will fit!! It’s not easy to pack for an extended time away from home. Its like a game of Tetris putting everything in the right place to maximize the storage capacity.


  1. Have a great time in ME. Please post lots of photos. My brother and sil live in Kennebunk but I haven’t visited in a few years. It’s a long trip from CA. Please eat at least one lobster roll for me! Safe travels, too.

  2. We traveled to Texas with a cargo carrier on top, it worked perfectly. We bought it off Marketplace. Good luck with packing and with your trip.

  3. Thank goodness! Missing any time in Maine would be a terrible disappointment; we aren’t able to go this year and I am mourning it myself so I know.

    Hope the drive goes smoothly.


  4. I had the same problem when I had my Subaru. When the car is not driven regularly the battery drains for some reason. Google about it. You will be surprised many individuals have the same problem. I ended up changing my battery four times.

  5. I’m glad your car problem happened before you left for vacation and not while on vacation like mine did! I got two new wheel bearings on my vacation to make things more interesting. I’m glad we had 2 cars.
    I hope you have a wonderful time and a safe journey!

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